Pure Maple Syrup

To many north Americans the words maple syrup and maple sugar kindle fond memories of a quieter, more relaxed time in the past. A time characterized by an unhurried pace that was dominated by a farm-focused lifestyle in which family relationships and old-fashioned values prevailed. Life was simpler. Although hard work was required to complete the farm work necessary to maintain a subsistence level of living, satisfaction for many was greater. This was also a time of anticipation of warm holidays and the changing of seasons. For many in the northern areas of the United States and adjacent Canada there was perhaps no more anticipated change than that associated with the coming of spring following a long confining winter.

The Kivela family strives to retain these feelings and images in their maple syrup production.

The Kivela Sugar Bush is family owned and operated since 1980

Pure Northern Wisconsin Maple Syrup - No additives, coloring or preservatives

Produced on a wood-fired evaporator